Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals must be refrigerated from production to injection. Developing this unbroken cold chain often causes logistical problems, particularly during transportation. The PharmaPort 360™ is a unique solution that addresses many of these challenges.  The design is based on a high performance laboratory refrigerator which not only keeps the contents at a constant 5°C set-point, but also offers tamper-proof validation of the cold chain.
Rather than moving from one cold transportation unit to the next, the PharmaPort 360™ itself is moved, without the need for a refrigerated truck or temporary refrigerated holding locations.
The PharmaPort 360™ provides continuous constant temperature regulation without generating noise, heat or vapors while in transport mode. In recharge mode, it can be used indefinitely, as a high-performance laboratory refrigerator.
Rigorous testing shows constant temperature regulation independent of extreme ambient temperatures. The temperature control system is fixed at 5°C, it does not allow adjustment and therefore eliminates the possibilty of operator mistakes. The industry standard Elpro Libero® data logger confirms the temperature range of the container and supports 21CFR part 11 compliance.
Geographic tracking is available via the ColdTRAX™ Global Cold Chain database which permits 24/7 retrieval, analysis and sharing of internal operational information such as alarm states and reserve capacities remaining.
Cool Containers ensures your product is delivered in the same condition in which it left the laboratory.

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